Collection: GILO Day (8/8)


Every year on August 8th, we dedicate a day to celebrating our loved ones who are incarcerated. It’s a day to remind them that they are loved, supported and valued, even while behind bars.

Enjoy some of our NEW Global Incarcerated Loved One Day products to show your support and join in on spreading love without judgement. All merchandise sold for Global Incarcerated Loved One Day help support children of incarcerated parents through Pelipost's Student of the Month Program.

Only greeting cards are sent to your incarcerated loved ones, all other products are sent to your home to show your support on the outside. i.e. stickers, lanyards, bracelets, calendars, etc.

For a limited time, when you purchase any greeting card in our store, you are eligible to receive a FREE Global Incarcerated Loved One Day card! 🌍 📅 Simply add both cards to your cart with your personalized message.

Share the power of connection! 💌

*Greeting cards are the only product we can send to prisons or jails. All other products are to send home to show your support on the outside. Please verify your loved one's correctional facility rules and regulations to ensure greeting cards are acceptable prior to purchase.



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